The Things I Learned While Raising My Daughter

It’s been sweet 9 years since I held a fragile baby on my arms and now she’s growing up to be a pretty and smart girl.  Did I just blink to see that everything happened so fast? Nevertheless, my precious gem taught me things that I thought would be difficult to handle.

To all daddies who are raising their baby girls:

She wants to be loved.

No one can replace your ultimate role as a father.  By saying so, she will make a lot of mistakes and will disappoint you countless times but never turn your back on your daughter.  After all, she is your princess and will always be. Always remind her that your love for her is infinite.

Listen to her music.

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, One Direction and the list goes on.  Her favorite artists are my favorites too. Why not? She’s happy listening and dancing to their music and I’m at my happiest when she’s happy.

She’s observing how you treat her mom.

One of the greatest things that you can do for your daughter is to be transparent in showing your love for her mother.  The way you treat your wife with respect and admiration will make your child happy and at ease that she is blessed with two loving and kind parents.

You’re a factor when she chooses her future partner.

This may be a scary thought but let’s face it our daughters will get married on time and we can only wish the perfect husband for her.  But did you know that we naturally influence her decision when choosing a partner in the future? The more we model a good behavior to our daughters, the more they want the idea of marrying someone like their dads.

Do her hair and nails.

Little did I realize that I can pass as a creative manicurist and hairstylist to my daughter.  Did paint her nails on random occasions and guess what she liked it and the braids that I made.  Wow.

Date her.

One of my favorite activities with my little girl is taking her out for a date.  Be it on her favorite pizza parlor or at a local park, I make sure she’s having a grand time.  Of course, I never missed surprising her with flowers on her birthdays and Valentine’s Day.