Un-Spoiling Your Spoiled Child

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing a spoiled child. The tantrum when they don’t get their way, the complete lack of values, and the way they walk around like they’re entitled to the world. Worst of all, when it comes down to it, we can’t even blame the child for these actions. The spoiled child is concocted by their parents. They usually create these little monsters when they give into their child’s whining, never say no, and basically let the child run the house. But don’t despair if you feel you’ve hit that point of no return, because we have just the tips you need to turn that kid around.

Get them Used to Disappointment

So many parents these days want to give their child everything. This is horrible for your child. They’ll grow into adults who will crack at the first hurdle. Don’t buy your kid that Christmas gift they want so bad, take them to Subway instead of McDonalds. When they cry, don’t say sorry. When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than a Turtle Blimp. I never got one. I’d often be promised a Turtle Blimp. My dad used it to get me to take a shower. He could have gotten me a Turtle Blimp, it wasn’t very expensive. He never did, and I respect that as an adult. I’m not saying you should lie to your child, but I am saying that wanting something and not getting it is a fantastic thing for your child.

Don’t Debate Your Child

When it comes to the rules of your house, do not bargain with you child, and do not debate with them. Stand your ground. Even if your kid comes up with a completely logical explanation as to why he shouldn’t have to do something, make him do it on principle. Keep that kid in his place.

Don’t React to Meltdowns

When your child has that classic spoiled child meltdown, do not budge. Don’t even react. Just sit there and watch with folded arms. The minute you give into a meltdown or even react to it, you are giving that child power. Teach your kid to be strong. Tell them that strong boys and girls would never have such a childish meltdown, especially in a public space.