Why New Dads Should Read These Books

Congratulations, new daddies! We’re sure you are over the moon and giddy with excitement as you approach your journey towards becoming a father. While you and your wife are busy preparing for the hospital bags and decorating the baby’s room, please note that your role is not as easy as pie.

Have you ever wonder if you’ll be a reliable birthing partner and an amazing dad? Of course, you promised your wife and your new bundle of joy but wait, are you really prepared? Don’t worry, we got you covered (wink!). Check these books especially made for you:

Pregnancy for Dads-To-Be, Adam Carpenter
Pregnancy books are also for expecting fathers and this good read by Adam Carpenter briefly discusses the basics of pregnancy and birth. You’ll learn the development of your baby month by month and how to support your spouse in her 9-month journey, especially during labor. Tip: Don’t be shocked by the little and big surprises of this book especially crafted for you.


Fatherhood – The Truth, Marcus Berkmann
A classic fatherhood book published in 2005, Marcus Berkmann remains to be a best-selling author who slams new dads with the genuine reality of parenthood, beauty and madness combined. So if you think, it’s gonna be a simple role, nope.


The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide, Rob Kemp
If you want to take cues from the experts (doctors, midwives, and psychologists) on how to keep your calm when asked by a doctor if you want to cut your baby’s cord, The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide is the book to pacify your anxiety. It also gives tips on the important things that you need to buy for your baby’s arrival.


The Life Of Dad, Anna Machin
Instead of teaching you how to change the diapers properly and when to feed your baby, The Life Of Dad is different. It rather reflects on how great dads are and how their significant contributions in parenting make their partners and children happy and healthy.