How to Work With Your Kid’s Christmas List

Every year around this time, dozens of kids are locked in their rooms, dreaming of all the things they want and writing them down on a list. This list will of course be “mailed” to Santa in the North Pole. He will then determine how good your kid has been and what presents you’ll get for him. Santa can’t please everyone’s every desire so of course somethings from the list won’t end up under that tree on Christmas morning.

In reality Santa is just a fantasy and no one is mailing anything to the North Pole. Those Christmas list end up in your hands and you have to balance out what you’re going to get for you child. Even if you could get them everything on the list, I wouldn’t recommend it. Get a few things off this list and few surprises on the side. Somethings that you picked out on the side.

There are several reason why you don’t want to give your kid everything on their list. Firstly, Santa only gives gifts to good children. Let your kid know that he’s good, but don’t make him thinks he’s perfect and worthy of every gift on his life. People need to be aware that there is room for improvement. Next year your child will be super good while trying to prove to Santa that he is the perfect child.

Don’t give Santa all the credit. My parents used to label maybe three or four gifts from Santa and then label the rest from themselves. That way an imagination doesn’t get all the credit for making their kids happy. The gifts from them would usually be more practical kinds of stuff and Santa would usually send the cool things like the SNES games and what not. Your kid would know he’s been bad if Santa sent him a pair of socks.

You have to think about these things. Don’t get that list to Santa and go wild getting everything on it. Show them that Santa cares but even he has a standard your kid has to reach for. This is the best way to go about things, believe me.