You Should Ask These Questions to Your Child’s Teacher

Parents may be overwhelmed at this point in time when back to school shopping consumes your time plus the separation anxiety of the impending new school year.  Keep calm and compose your thoughts on these important questions that you should ask to your kid’s teacher.

  1. “What are your class/students’ expectations?”

Asking this question will help you identify what a teacher requires from his/her students.  This way you’ll be able to set your child’s expectations ahead of time.  As such, you can motivate your child to comply with this rule and get involved in class activities as often as possible.

  1. “How can we team up to strengthen my child’s success?”

No matter the strategy, it is best to consult your child’s teacher on the most helpful ways to support your child’s success.  As much as every teacher wants to address each student’s needs, sometimes it can be challenging. That said a parent-teacher collaboration is essential to ensure the growth and development of the students in and out of school.

  1. “Can I be of help to you in the classroom?”

With the workload and pressures in teaching and managing a lot of students, teachers would really appreciate parents’ involvement inside the classroom.  How about reading a book for the class and having a short analysis after? Or maybe work with the teacher in preparing for the class’ acquaintance party? You’re making your child proud, too.

  1. “Do you offer tutorial services?”

There are teachers who offer tutoring outside of school hours.  If your child’s teacher is available to do it then you can ask him/her to schedule an hour or two at least 2-3 times a week with your child of mastery of the topic.  This way, you’ll be at ease that your child can catch up with the lessons that challenge him/her.