Early Signs Your Child May Have Autism


It seems more than ever autism is creating a buzz amongst parents and the media. With one in every fifty children being diagnosed, it really comes as no shock. When you notice your child isn’t doing well socially or academically, when he/she isn’t keeping up with others, it is absolutely heartbreaking. You don’t want something like autism sprung at you when your child is already five or six and you don’t have to. Here are some early signs of autism.

Earliest signs

  • When you make faces at your child it’s pretty normal to garner a reaction from the baby. This is one the biggest sensations for most babies. Something is definitely wrong if your baby isn’t moved by a wacky facial expression.
  • A lack of eye contact is a huge cause for concern. If they baby doesn’t seem to register you staring at it or if it looks right through you, this is a tall tale sign that your baby needs to be checked up by the doctor.

Other Early Signs

  • If the baby isn’t moved by sounds and doesn’t turn its head to see where it is coming from, he may have autism. Some parents would take pride in their baby if he wasn’t startled by loud noise, but this is definitely a cause for concern. Furthermore, if the baby doesn’t respond when you call its name he definitely can have autism.
  • If you baby generally dislikes being touched.
  • If your baby shows no interest in typical baby games like peekaboo.
  • If your baby is pretty mute and doesn’t make any sounds like gargles or other signs of early talking.
  • If your baby doesn’t reach out to you or signal that it wants to be held.

If your baby is showing any of the signs from above, you should definitely take him/her to the doctor’s office right away for an evaluation. The sooner something like this is taken care of the better off the child will be.

Autism Babies