The Unpleasant Reality of Childbirth That Fathers Did Not Know

With the impending childbirth of your wife, it’s easy to rely on books that offer advice on how to be a good dad and what to prepare for the big day in the hospital.  You may be overwhelmed with excitement and anxiety but were you informed about the cruel truth of childbirth?

Childbirth is weirder than you’re expecting

As a first-time dad, I heard strange stories about childbirth from our neighbors and relatives but I didn’t expect it would be more visceral in reality.  When I volunteered to assist my wife in labor, I was shocked at the amount of flood, the placenta and the fluids that covered my newborn’s body.

Expect to change your birth plan

Inevitably, expectant parents have spent a lot of time in preparing and planning for their baby’s arrival.  Some couples would prefer the natural way of delivering their child while others opt for c-section or vaginal birth.  However, we cannot stick to our very choice as changes can happen on the day of childbirth. Instead of natural birth, your doctor might advise your wife to undergo caesarian section instead to prevent further risks to her and the baby.

Your wife will slap you during labor.

A pinch, slap or snap plus a yell- yes, expect a combo of these hurtful things by no other than your wife in labor. It’s funny though but let’s accept the fact that our partners are in extreme pain that we may never understand.  And hey, it’s our babies that they are pushing out of their big bellies, huh.

There will be too many people in the delivery room

Aside from the pressures of seeing your wife in pain while in labor, you will be overwhelmed with the number of people present in the room.  From ob-gyn, nurses to midwives, you might think it’s a chaotic scene but it’s not. They’re the medical team that will help you, your wife and your baby get through all this challenging journey.