Allison Stokke: Where is She Ten Years After Being a Viral Sensation

Seems today that female athletes are more popular than ever. Big names like Simone Biles, Ronda Rousey, McKayla Maroney and Serena William are everywhere and rightfully so. These women are causing breakthroughs in their endeavors. When it comes to pole vaulting, you’re entering Allison Stokke territory. Many know her for her talent and millions know her for a little photograph that popped up in 2007. It was that viral picture that put her on the spotlight. It is how the world knows who she is today. If it weren’t for that picture she would definitely not be where she is today. Although it may seem like a complete blessing, it has been a curse in disguise for Allison. At 17-years-old the attention had a profound negative and sometimes scary effect on her. Regardless, in the past ten years she has been through it all. Allison has brushed shoulders with the glory, the fame and with viral controversy. It has opened up a world opportunity and destruction. Allison is the perfect example of what being a viral sensation can do to someone and what can be their ultimate outcome. Time for you to here her story and where she ended up.

Ten year ago, Allison Stokke was one of many teenage girls. She was a high school senior who had a particular love for pole vaulting and also rocked a side gig in amature modeling. A lot 17-year-old girls are on this path. Yet, Allison had a little more than the average girl. She was actually really good at pole vaulting. Good enough to break a few records. At one of her competitions a photographer snapped some shots of her. When the pictures hit the web, Allison became a viral sensation. The rest was history.