Have Archeologists Finally Solved The Mystery Of Atlantis?

One probably can’t remember the first time that they heard of the lost city of Atlantis. It’s been a subject of discussion and wonder for generations upon generations. The mystery and secret of this ancient city has been talked about in magazines, movies and even TV shows. It’s a place that always offers a bout of “what if” questions and possibilities we can’t even imagine. Some people have even went as far as to link UFOs to the ancient city. Lives have been dedicated to solving its mystery. Today, at last that long sunken mystery might finally be cracked.

Throughout the years we have made few large discoveries concerning the lost city of Atlantis. For centuries it was all myth until the city was finally discovered beneath the sea. Atlantis was discovered and a myth was turned reality. With the discovery a treasure chest of questions was opened. Questions that couldn’t be so easily answered. That is until now. Recent discoveries has brought a lot of light to the mystery that was looming in the dark for so many centuries.