Celebrities & Their Pets


Olivia Palermo and Mr. Butler

You couldn’t know enough about socialite and reality television star, Olivia Palermo, but did you know that she’s a dog owner? She is and probably one of the best. His name is Mr. Butler and he isn’t being neglected or living in the shadows of hollywood stardom, he is in the stardom. Online you’ll find endless amount of youtube videos with Palermo and Mr. Butler. He’s nothing short of a fashion model.


Chelsea Handler and Tammy

Chelsea Handler. She’s a comedian, actress and surprisingly, a dog owner. Rest assured, she isn’t just any dog owner, she’s the owner of a rescue dog. This isn’t her first dog either, this is her third. Her other dogs have been known to play parts in career. One was even a regular guest on her talk show. This leaves us all to wonder, what is in store for Tammy? Anything is possible from here on out.


Shay Mitchell and Foxy

Thirty year old, Shay Mitchell is a lot of things. She’s is a writer, actress, model and entrepreneur. If the name doesn’t right a bell, you might remember her for her role in the show Pretty Little Liars. Little did you probably know, Shay is the pet owner of a little adorable dog named Foxy. This little dog is no mystery to anyone who follows her on twitter or instagram. This dog is everywhere.


Nick Jonas and Elvis

Nick Jonas has raised his Golden Retriever, Elvis since he was a puppy. Now seven years and in no doubt the prime of his life, Elvis has been nicknamed the king of all canines. Elvis gets nothing but the best. Despite having a busy lifestyle he never forgets to spend quality time with his dog. When Nick takes time off touring and goes on a holiday, Elvis often gets to come along. Talk about living the canine high life.


Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Known for her roles in films like Mean Girls and Mamma Mia!m Amanda Seyfriend is also the owner of rescue dog named Finn. Finn is a seven year old Australian Shepherd. He does everything with Amanada. Goes on hikes, naps and cuddles with her. Finn is more than just a pet, he is a friend. When she is scatter brained she looks into his eyes and he gives her balance. He has also taught her how to be more present and aware.


Naya Rivera and Lucy

Glee star, Naya Rivera can often be seen on instagram posing with her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy. For most Naya Rivera fans, hearing about lucy isn’t news, as the little puppy has her picture sprinkled all over the web. Along with Lucy she had a little puppy named Emmy.


Jennifer Lopez and Bear

Jennifer’s newest edition to her family is simply called Bear. He is an adorable Boxer puppy. Though he didn’t have much time to rest on his day of ownership. After her purchase, Jennifer Lopez was seen walking him directly to the Jimmy Kimmel studios. In a matter of hours the little pup’s life went from kennel to spotlight. Welcome to Hollywood, Bear.


Lena Dunham and Lamby

Girls star, Lena Dunham isn’t just a Hollywood actress, but also the proud owner of a rescue dog named Lamby. Though Lamby has been the subject to a lot of controversy, he is well loved. You can often spot Lamby getting fed at fancy restaurants and taking part in a lot of other human activities. Though if you ever spot Lamby in public, remember to use caution before you move in for a pet.


Gigi Hadid and Cleo

You’ve likely seen Gigi Hadid before, but you likely know very little about her. Such is the life of a fashion model. With her life being wrapped in mystery, little did you probably know, she has an adopted kitten named Cleo. The two have been nearly inseparable since the adoption. You can often spot Gigi with little Cleo in her arms. If not in person you can always spot Cleo on social media.


Kate Bosworth and Happy

Kate Bosworth recently added a new member to her family and his name is Happy. Happy is a blue Picardy French Spaniel. Why is he named Happy? It’s because he is in a constant state of happiness. According to Kate, Happy was wearing a smile when he was born. Yet, she claims owning a dog isn’t always as happy and fun as it sounds, it comes with a lot of responsibility.


Kerry Washington and Josie

Josie is a Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix and talk about a truly adorable combination. Named after Josephine Baker, this pup has been stealing the spotlight from her owner, Ray, The Fantastic Four and The Last King of Scotland actress, Kerry Washington. This little puppy has the character and comic relief to steal anyones heart. Truly a canine treasure.


Miranda Kerr and Frankie

It took six months for Miranda Kerr to introduce the world to her cute, puppy named Frankie. He isn’t just a home companion for her but also a workmate as the little dog has been present and taken part in a number of her shoots. Frankie also had a huge presence on social media and has garnered a lot of fans. Oddly enough the little pup hasn’t been seen for a year. It leave a lot of us to question if he’s ok.


Lady Gaga and Koji

Lady Gaga first got Koji back in 2015. The little french bulldog has lived the high life ever since. The name Korji means little one cause he is so small compared to her other dogs. Since his introduction into the world, it has become quite common to see him with Gaga. Of all the dogs she owns he definitely has been getting the most attention, especially on the internet.


Cara Delevingne and Leo

The relationship between Cara and her husky, Leo are close, super close. The Suicide Squad star even brought her pet on set with her. The dog’s name comes from her star sign as Cara was born in August the month of Leo. Though their bond is close, there has been some controversy over training methods used on the dog.


Chrissy Teigen and Pippa

Chrissy and her husband, John Legend have a number of dogs, but the one that stands out most is their French Bulldog, Pippa. He is often sited with the couple and even has his own functioning Twitter profile and believe me, these clever tweets aren’t something you want to miss out on. That’s one smart dog.


Ariana Grande and Toulouse

Toulouse was easily the luckiest dog in the shelter when he caught the eye of Ariana Grande. His life has been on social media ever since. It was reported by Grande that she cried tears of joy when she first brought him home. The Beagle-Chihuahua mix is just one out of three dogs that Ariana Grande owns. Yet his story is no doubt the most touching. He wents from being caged at a shelter to being on tour.


Channing Tatum and Smoke

Smoke is Channing Tatum’s second rescue animal. He rescued a pitbull some years ago, but Smoke is no dog. Smoke is a horse. If you’re lucky you might see the two riding along the sunset strip. Channing is a huge animal lover. His fans are no stranger to his pet rescue dog Lulu who has been all over social media.


Miley Cyrus and Piggy

Singer and Actress Miley Cyrus has tons of pets, but none of them stand out as much as her pet pig, Piggy. Photos of him and the twenty four year old have shown up on the internet to much surprise. Miley being vegan, I’m sure piggy can appreciate a plate of veggies just as much her. Piggy aside, Miley has an array cats and dogs. Talk about someone who really loves animals.

Miley Cyrus with Bubba Sue

Taylor Swift andOlivia Benson

Here’s is a fact about Taylor Swift. Besides rocking on the stage, she is also a major cat lover. She isn’t the owner of just one cat, but quite a few. The most famous of them all is named Olivia Benson. Olivia is named after the fictional Sergeant in the television program Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Olivia Benson is more than just the typical cat, she has been known to take the stage with Swift.


Kendall Jenner and Norman

Norman, the little Italian Greyhound surprised us all when he popped up in Kendall Jenner’s arms. Since he first garnered attention to the masses, his career as a celebrity pet has taken off. Not only does he have an Instagram, but he has more than a million followers. The path is wide open for this little dog and who knows what he’ll do next.