Funny Vacation Photos You Don’t Want To Miss


There are few pleasures in life that can measure up to taking a vacation. It doesn’t matter if your flying to a different state or a whole different country, this is your chance to forget about the bills, the job and just live life in a completely free and relaxed manner. We’re our best selves when we’re on holiday. Our minds finally get their much needed break from the daily grind and endless rat race. When it comes to taking holidays, one thing that is essential to everyone is taking photos. Sometimes they don’t come out as good as we’d like them to. Here are some of the most awkward, yet fantastic vacation pictures.

People across the country and around the world have been going nuts for that commonly seen midair jump picture. You know the one. It’s a shot that actually leaves for a pretty cool effect. This family has successfully proven to us that this photo pose is far more cool and amusing when it’s a total failure. Check the dad’s expression. He knows he’s made a mistake as his little girl is falling to the floor. Meanwhile, the mom and other daughter look ecstatic.

There are many different kinds of tourist, but two types are very distinct. There are the tourist that try to walk around as locals. They only sneak pictures when absolutely no one is around. There are the exact opposites of these characters. We’re talking about the shameless tourist who will walk around New York while wearing an “I Love NY” shirt and statue of liberty hat. This picture is the perfect example of this mentality.

This picture is obviously taken in the pre-1980’s world and it looks extremely odd. It isn’t exactly the family that gives it this effect. Besides for the father they all look pretty normal and nothing at all like serial killers. What makes this photo strange is that weird bear suit. Was there any heart put into that costume? It looks like the company wasn’t even trying for mild authenticity. We also have to give mention to the fact that everyone is carrying a pickaxe.

Disneyland is a magical place that has been inspiring thousands of smiles daily since the 1950’s. This family wasn’t impressed. They just weren’t going to give into the Disney magic. This 1980’s/1990’s family did not find the magical kingdom so magical. You have to love the way the son stares directly into the camera. Look at the downtrodden little girl who can’t even bring herself to look into the camera. The other three also add great effect with their frowns and dark glasses.

The ocean is place full of mystery. According to the experts, 95% of the world’s ocean is unexplored and roughly 99% of the oceans floors is still a mystery. That said, one shouldn’t be surprised when something from down below photobombs their picture.We have to love those three expressions. The one in the middle is especially captivating. The eyes and the mouth that is slightly ajar say a million words. They will think twice about snorkeling next time.

This picture totally convinces me that animals know exactly what their doing. Look at this ostrich smile as it photobombs this young girl’s picture. This girl obviously didn’t know what to expect when she went on a safari. She just didn’t suspect that the animals may be as curious about her as she was about them. This girl is absolutely horrified by this ostrich. She’ll probably never go on a safari again.

If you’re taking a trip to New York chances are you’ll end up on Wall Street and you’ll just have to take a picture with the iconic bronze bull. Look at these tourist below taking part in hijinx amongst the statue. As you can probably guess, this isn’t the first time people have decided to do tasteless pictures with the bull. I can’t judge them too harshly as I feel like we’ve all felt like doing this.

There are few moments as special and as romantic as the one where someone pops the question to you. One can’t help but turn their gaze when they see a guy asking a girl to be his wife. Seems that humans aren’t the only ones captivated by this romantic gesture. We see here a hippo that couldn’t help but look on at the couple sharing the moment of their life together. Doesn’t the young hippo look touched as well.

Going to a water park for the first time is always extremely memorable. The shows, the rides and the knowledge that you obtain is absolutely unreal. Some people just can’t handle realities of aquatic life. Sometimes the smile a cry and joyful dolphin strikes fear into the human heart. Take one look at this baby who couldn’t handle. This creature was just too new and strange for her. If you take it from another perspective, it also looks like the dolphin is laughing at her.



People love going on vacation and just clearing their minds. Beaches are especially great places for doing this. This woman snapped the most typical instagram photo of herself before instagram even existed. Despite the nice picture, it’s in actuality what we all do when on vacation. We sit back and look out into the distance while we kind of contemplate our life and the world around us.


When most people go on vacation, they totally forget to stay active. I’ve heard of some people who spend the whole trip in their hotel room or just lying about on the beach. I think you should be more active. Many hotels and hostels provide a number of cool activities to take part in. You should do as much as you can. Although heatstroke is a thing and you should always remember to stay hydrated and cover your head.

This couple was off doing what so many couples do. They went to a nice resort and were going to take photos by the pool. Nothing very special about this. What makes this photo great is this guy’s friend who decided to photobomb their picture at just the right moment. Judging from what their expressions, the young couple had no idea what was happening to them. Props to this guy for spot on jump.

Almost everyone who vacations to Italy has to take that stereotypical picture with the Tower of Pisa. You know the tower, the one that was built under faulty construction that resulted in a eternal lean. By now every pose has been done a thousand times over. The push, the lean, the pull, it’s all been done. I never expected to see anything original concerning the Tower of Pisa again. That was until this girl came along with her amazing kick. She made the Tower of Pisa cool again.

Picture yourself on vacation to Florida. What can go wrong, it’s Florida. It’s where the world goes to retire. It’s also the home of resorts, Disney World and Miami. This woman forgot that it’s also home to gators. Lots and lots of gators. She just wasn’t ready for it when she decided to take that quaint swim in the lake. She just wasn’t prepared to emerge from the water with a baby gator in her hands.

Too commonly, we vacation to other countries and undermine the locals. This couple has down likewise. In the midst of their romantic affair they have led their horses and steerer right into the sea where he looks like he is struggling to stay above water. Meanwhile, the couple couldn’t look happier. The two horses on the other hand look completely indifferent to the situation. Perhaps just a little uncomfortable.

Sometimes we can’t afford to go abroad for our holiday. Sometimes we can’t even afford a holiday. We just have to come to terms that we aren’t going to see any of those beautiful landmarks we’re dying to visit. That said, some people don’t accept it and they get creative. Here we have a young girl that was going to get a picture with the Eiffel Tower by all means necessary. Despite the absence of legs and extreme pixelation, it looks like she had a wonderful time.

Looks like this guy went to visit the Blarney Castle in Ireland to get an up close and personal look at the blarney stone. There is a legend concerning the stone that those that kiss will receive magical powers. Kissing the stone isn’t easy though and this guy proves it. He needs to be held by a friend in an awkward position just to get a piece of this magic. Tell me this doesn’t look very awkward.

Speaking of the shameless types of tourist, the Tower of Pisa is making a second appearance on this list. This proves how amazing and original that woman kicking photo is. Here is what the rest of the masses are doing. Look at all those “individuals” doing the same boring pose infront of the tire monument. I’m sure at one point in history this tower had real purpose, sadly it is now little more then something to pose in front of.

A picture with the background of barren field would have been nicer than one with a sign saying South Dakota. No one looks particularly thrilled to be there, yet why would they? South Dakota is known as one of the most boring states in the entire United States. The little girl does look excited, but she probably isn’t aware of the snoozefest that she is in for.

This woman took a trip to California and totally got sucked into the the thug life. She arrived on a greyhound as a typical midwestern woman, but left in a Impala 64. We can almost be certain that she was blasting California Love as well.Perhaps the most extreme thing that she did was get a tattoo of 2Pac on her arm. A very badly done tattoo of 2Pac. She probably should have taken into consideration that she’d have to live with this forever.

The year was 1982 or something and this family was going to go on the vacation of a lifetime. Sadly, the children were forced by their off kilter parents to wear these stupid looking hats throughout the trip. It was certain way to attract negative attention. We are sure that they felt a certain amount of great shame. Definitely not the little girl, but surely the son felt a certain amount of shame. Look at his expression.

The selfie stick has saved many a lonesome traveler from asking the people around them to take a picture of them in front of some monument. This elderly woman is having the adventure of her lifetime as she takes photos in front of ancient temples and museum doors. A sick husband or unwilling child wasn’t going to hold her back from enjoying the world around her.

Sometimes while exploring that new city, you get sucked in by the strangest things. It isn’t the monuments or history, but something little, yet so different then what you are used to. Take for instance this man. He looks as if he has never seen trash on top of a trash can before. Look how intense her looks as he tries to get an up close and personal picture of the resting garbage. Amazing.

Sometimes the most entertaining this about holiday is just watching the other people on holiday. Who isn’t intrigued by someone’s blooming curiosity. Look at this man. He was so excited to leave the hotel and begin taking pictures that he grabbed a sweater that was way too small for him. It probably belonged to his son or wife. It’s images like these that are truly worth a thousands words.

This kid, whoever he is, looks as if he is having an absolutely rotten vacation and nobody cares. Everyone else is too busy having a blast. Look at his father smiling nervously into the camera. Look at his other brother. He looks content. Alas, we have this young chap hanging by his life jacket with an expression of utter discomfort and misery. These were what 1980’s/1990’s vacations were made of. Beautiful memories.

This young couple looks like they are reliving their beatnik days. Nothing probably compares to the feeling of uncertainty. The hard gravel under your feet, the thumb out and the hopes high. They’ve probably done this many times between the east and west coast back in the 1940’s. It probably takes them right back to their youth.

For some people, animals can be quite the fright, especially when they just kind of pop out at you from nowhere. Imagine being on vacation, riding a long and then suddenly a horse head just pops out of nowhere and into your window. This kid doesn’t need to imagine, he’s lived it. That is the face of pure terror on his face. He will probably have a fear of horses for the rest of his life. Truly a shame.

Sometimes vacations can take a scary and unexpected turn. Sometimes you won’t find out how scary things got until you develop the vacation photos and behold a picture your baby barely hanging onto you and ready to take plunge into the deep dark depths below. I’m sure this father took a great sigh of relief after seeing this photo. Things could have turned out very, very bad.

There’s nothing like getting a piece of the action on camera. That is exactly what this family did. As EMTs were rushing the scenes to save a life, this family thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to capture a picture. Look how excited the children look. Those smiles are nothing short of sincere. You must also take notice this cool looking dude hanging by the pay phones. Perhaps he had something more to do with the situation then he lets on.

This certainly going to end up being on those photos that embarresses all the kids in the family as they grow up to be teenagers. The kids don’t even look aware of what is going on in the photo, but the mother, she looks all too aware of what is happening. You can almost see her face turning red. That smile doesn’t even look like much of a smile at all, but more a flash of the teeth.

Sometimes our pockets are tight and our wallets are thin and we can’t afford to go on some grand vacation. That said, we are forced to suck it and stay local. This family wanted a mexican themed vacation, but instead of going to Mexico City they went to Texas. This mother got her daughters the best looking sombreros she could find. Clearly these kids look very tired with their hats on.

These two found each other while vacationing in some beach area and haven’t separated since. Seems she was always missing a head while he was missing a body. That said, they were a match made in heaven. The two of them can now conquer the world together, or at least live a somewhat normal life. No more awkward family photographs for these two. No more being the black sheep of their families. They’ve got a complete body now.

When you don’t live in California or Florida, you don’t see beach on a daily basis. That said, the midwestern family was all jazzed up about being amongst the waves and soft beach sand. When they stood before the mass of water, the family didn’t expect a wave to come crashing out of the sea and hit them. Look at the terror on their faces. It’s beyond reality for them. It’s something straight out of a horror movie.

Many lessons can be learned from this photo. One is to never sit on a bannister. They are there to stop people from falling into the water. They aren’t there to be sat on. One wrong move and you can end up like this guy in the picture. If this picture is in Southeast Asia you can be assured that the water he fell into wasn’t the cleanest. Look at the woman’s laughing expression. She is having the time of her life.

As if Mickey Mouse isn’t scary enough. Think about what he is for a second. He is a giant rodent. Mice are cute when they are small, but one that is adult size is a terror. Look at the way he is tormenting this poor child. I’m pretty certain that inside that childhood hero was a wicked teenager having the time of his life. The gloves, red pants and cape really don’t make the mouse any less threatening.

This family is extremely corny and they aren’t afraid to show it. All matching with blue jeans and blue shirts, we’re almost certain they did this so that they wouldn’t lose each other in a crowd. It amazes me how happy they all look together. They must certainly be from Utah, because I couldn’t imagine them from any other place. This photo absolutely amazes me in the mind boggling way.