Trick the Treats: Hilarious Halloween Fails That Won Over Our Hearts

Halloween isn’t just a time for munching on free candy and searching for a scare. As spooky as the season can be, one of the big allures that comes with the holiday is having an original, spooky and sometimes even sexy costume. In search of ooohs and ahhhhs, people will will look high and low for the perfect costume and sometimes even take to the needle and thread to concoct their own creation. Sometimes they score big with something that is truly amazing, other times their efforts only lead to a nightmare and not the kind that’s meant for Halloween. Here’s a look at some of the biggest costume fails.

One of the most popular symbols in pop culture is no doubt Pikachu. He came about in the 1990’s and took the world by storm. We can imagine if this little pokemon actually existed he’d be in fury over how much his image has been abused, especially when it comes to costumes. You have people ranged between the ages of 5 to 35 wearing Pikachu costumes and they’re rarely good. The older the individual the even more shameful the costume becomes.


Hugh Grant is no doubt a rich man. He’s made so much off the cheesy romantic comedies he’s been in over the years that he has really no excuse for his lion costume. It seriously looks as if he threw a rug over his head and dressed in an oversize childs pair of pajamas. In all respects, it actually looks like he dressed this awful on purpose just to be ironic or funny. If that’s what he was going for, congrats Hugh, you’ve succeeded.


As if Burt and Ernie weren’t disturbing enough, these guys had to take them to a whole other level of frightening. We assure you, these mask will bring way more frights than any bloody clown costumes or skeletons.There isn’t a single aspect of these costumes that isn’t creepy. From the odd line mouths to the bulging eyeballs, Burt and Ernie will be more terrifying than anything you can find on the shelves of your local costume shop.


This hefty fellow decided to go out on Halloween as the joker, yet he appears to be looking much more like John Wayne Gacy here. If he was going out for scares then we can assure he’ll give them. I’d hate to have my kids knock on this guys door on Halloween. He’d probably take candy out of their bags rather than give any.


This guy had the great idea of dressing up as Elvis and having his baby be the guitar. In the early days when the baby can’t walk or communicate, it’s actually a great idea to dress them as an object that goes with your costume. Can you imagine this guy walking down the street and playing his baby and he goes from house to house and collects candy. His baby looks very confused.


This is what happens when costumes go bad. This guy decided that it’d be a good idea to hit the party as King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. He’s probably the most non-threatening King Koopa you can ever imagine. He’s non-threatening for even the run of the mill pet turtle. Even with those blocky spikes on his back. The red wig is also pretty awful looking. He looks like a ginger version of Weird Al.


Maybe for one second this guy was serious. Maybe he thought he was going to make the best Iron Man costume that anyone could ever imagine. He went out, bought the materials and worked seriously for about an hour. He then realized this would be hard and not worth the trouble so he made the worst Iron Man costume ever. This looks like the last thing that’s come to your rescue. If I was being chased in an alleyway and thing showed up, I’d probably run towards my tormentors. Just looks into that soulless face.


We’ve come back with another Pikachu, perhaps a more disturbing, evil looking Pikachu. This menacing Pikachu costume from Japan is what nightmares are made of. It captures zero of the cuteness that comes with with the little Pikachu and is more like something that will haunt you in a bizarre dream. That said, it’s the perfect costume for Halloween. Where can I buy this costume?


It has been over twenty years since Sonic came into our lives and he hasn’t released a new game in quite sometime. I suppose with all the off time, he would gain a little weight. This is way too much though. Sonic is also rocking some very leathery skin. That said, the guy in the old grandma costume looks pretty great. You can tell that they went all out with the makeup and clothing for that one.


Perhaps they forgot Halloween was around the corner and had to throw something quickly together. Maybe their parents just didn’t care. These are horrible costumes. A box of crackers. A box of crackers!?!? And a brown paper bag. There was no imagination or care at all put into this costume, yet I just can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s so bizarre that in garners more attention than the run of the mill stormtrooper or power ranger costume.


These costumes are downright painful to see for any Star Wars fan. Look at that Princess Leia. Why, she isn’t a prince at all but just some dude dressed in a bed sheet with muffins taped to his head. The 3P0 doesn’t even look remotely like 3P0. He literally is wrapped in yellow tape and has a bucket on his head. The only one that actually looks like a Star Wars character is the R2D2 and it’s still hopelessly awful.


It seem to be rarely a nice sight when cartoons become real. Like Burt and Ernie, this Homer Simpson is perhaps one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. This is a good way to frighten children and the elderly. Just look at those bulging eyes and that patchy yellow skin. That long pointy nose. This is something that would likely jump out at you in a nightmare of some sorts.


I would totally watch this horror movie. Some creepy family in elephant mask terrorizing a neighborhood. This is just strange. The costumes look so soulless. Just look at those elephants stare out. All the same faces yet completely different sizes. We have to wonder who came up with this idea in the family. Certainly someone in their has an amazing, if not slightly disturbing sense of humor.


This is Black Spider Man as you’ve never seen him before. The symbiote is supposed to make Spider Man bigger and stronger, yet this guy got the wrong kind of bigger. Spider Man doesn’t look very dangerous here. Except maybe if he fell on you. A nice touch to the costume is that Disney VHS collection behind him. This Spider Man sure is bad to the bone. Don’t want to mess with this guy.


Rocking a good looking Robocop suit for Halloween would be hard to pull off. There is a lot of metal and that would be costly and uncomfortable. Plastic probably wouldn’t pull off the look very well, but it won’t look so bad. This guy decided to just get some pots and pans and apply tape and become the homeless version of Robocop. Could he stop a bullet with these things, sure. Can he look threatening? Absolutely not.


A few years back, a picture a grumpy cat took the world by storm and millions became crazed by it. You couldn’t escape his image. Grumpy cat was everywhere. He was on coffee mugs, shirts and even on TV from time to time. Come Halloween people started doing makeup and costumes like grumpy cat. This guy right here went for went for the grump cat look and well, I don’t think it’s very good.


Buzz Lightyear was supposed to be cool. The new toy on the block who started a sensation. He had a sliding glass helmet, wings, a button that made him talk and laser pointer. This guy captures zero of Buzz’s coolness. In fact he makes Woody look a hundred times better. This guy looks miserable and Buzz Lightyear. He’d be more fitted for some cheesy 1950’s science fiction movie than a character from Toy Story. At this point slinky dog would be more impressive.


Back when the California Raisins were a hit, kids flocked to the stores for this costume. Unfortunately parents also decided it may be better to make their own Raisin costumes. The world was then introduced to trashbag children. Kids thought they were hitting the streets in glamorous raisin costumes. Nope. They were just wearing trash bags. They did look adorable though. Look at them.


Prepare to have your childhood slaughtered. This group of friends decided to go out and be the lamest band of Ninja Turtles ever. There is nothing mutant or ninja about them, they are just lame. The got some green tape, wrapped themselves in it and got some colored cloth. Just look at how short the blue one is. Absolutely horrible. The real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be so disappointed.


Wolverine is pretty much the most kick butt member of the X-Men team. He as the rebellious attitude and the cool look. Crafting a costume for such a character should time time and effort. You can’t just throw together a careless suit for him and you definitely should be using a fork for his claws. This just isn’t cool at all. Whoever this kid is, I hope they shamed him for his terrible slaughtering of Wolverine. This is unacceptable.


These homemade pig costumes are something out of a 1970’s horror flick. Look at the mother, she is especially disturbing. The pink smiling face mixed around with the dirt and pig nose are too much. While the kid who plays the sheep isn’t so frightening, the kid in the yellow is also quite scary looking. I think he’s supposed to be a duck, but I can’t be certain of what he is.


Sometimes you have to work with what you have. It could be innovative and great, yet sometimes it’s just horrible. Look at these stormtroopers. Nobody is going to say these costumes are good, but they are fun to look at and more impressive than some boring movie bought costume. Obviously this wasn’t meant at all to be funny. That said, it works. You can tell they are having a very fun time.


This costume is not at all pretty. It is in fact one of the most disturbing costumes I’ve ever seen. I think she was going for something out of the Avatar series. Sadly, this woman looks more like something that should be hanging in some hallway of Jabba’s palace. The saddest part is that you can see that this woman put a lot of effort into her costume and still she turned out quite terrible.


This guy is my spirit animal. He’s the zero effort guy who just taped a unicorn to his head and went to work. He is one with the guy who goes out with just a funny looking hat on or the person that wears a style that is slightly different from his own and says he’s like going as a skater or something. Maybe we don’t want to go down this path, but you have to respect the path that this man has gone down.


I’m very much on the  edge when it comes to this costume. Do I love? I sure do. Does it disturb me? Of course. This easy to make costume is both extremely terrible and lovely. I love all the attached baby dolls. What’s even more priceless is this guy’s expression. He doesn’t have a threatening, baby consuming face at all. He’s just standing there very chill with all those babies plastered to him.


One could not guess as to what these little girls are supposed to be, but one thing is quite certain, they are disturbing. They are like clowns, but no, they aren’t really clowns at all. They lack completely the noses, yet they have face paint. This costume is pure imagination, yet pure simplicity. It is also one hundred percent scary. Are they waving in the picture or reaching out for your soul?


The child pimp costume is always a bit on the tasteless side. He’s rocking the signature cane, the pimp hat and wad of bills. Yet the kid himself looks nothing like a pimp. He is but a child in pimps clothes. This is as tasteless as dressing your child up as a gang member with fake tattoos and guns. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea at all.


This is no doubt of the most disturbing Spongebob costumes I’ve ever seen. Those creepy eyeballs that are shooting in that wide out direction, the brown dots and lame black smile. This is an absolutely horrible attempt at scoring a good Spongebob costume. Look past the face paint and at his actual face. You can tell that he is actually quite miserable in his costume. He knows it was a major fail.


Is a tasteless sure, but I love it. It isn’t hard to pull off the Chris Brown and beaten Rihanna costume. It’s amazing how much this guy actually looks like Chris Brown. Sadly the girl does not do such a great Rihanna. We wonder what kind of comments they got at the costume party they attended. Hopefully no huge Rihanna fans were attending. That could have ended very badly.


Sometimes one doesn’t want to get all dressed up and spend a lot of money on a costume. Sometimes people want to keep it simple. Simple in never impressive, but this guy didn’t mind not being impressive. He went out on Halloween as an XBox. I love how serious he looks in this costume as well. Although he is a technically a game system, this man isn’t playing any games. He’s heading out that door for some candy.


When it comes to the Star Wars universe one of the most respected and feared characters was Boba Fett. Somehow this man has managed to take Boba Fett and make him look like a soft bellied father. Look at him. Carry around that convention bag doesn’t really help his case either. It looks like Boba Fett is going abroad on a group tour. Look at those short. Those terrible, terrible shorts. Shameless portrayal of Boba Fett.


This guy managed to do something completely original and incredibly disturbing. He’s got the red face paint and the horns of the devil. The comes a curve ball in the costume. We notice that he might not be a devil at all, but some kind of lobster. Look at those sharp claws. Then there is the tutu and the stockings and that just leaves you with your mouth wide open. Just what is this man supposed to be.


This crazy woman decided to walk out of her house as Wonder Woman and she doesn’t fail to inspire a lot of wonder. I’m sure everyone who bumps into her is going to wonder why she walked out of the house like this. I myself wonder what she was thinking. Did she look in the mirror and think for one second that she looked cool and not like a complete mess. Because she really does look like a complete mess.


We can’t put the blame on the person wearing the costume. He didn’t make this from home but actually went out and bought this crumby Garfield costume. Did the people who manufactured this even ever watch Garfield. He isn’t yellow, he’s orange and he has a little more design than just a face. They didn’t even bother to paint his eyes white. I sure hope he didn’t fork out no more than four dollars for this costume.


Beauty and The Beast was a Disney classic when it came out back in the 1990’s. People storms the costume shops. Most were girls want to be Belle. There were those that wanted to be the beast, and this is what the bought. One cannot look at this costume and say that it’s good. For a Disney product it’s damn near shameful. Look at it. Take a closer look. This isn’t anybody’s idea of a cool costume.


Rabbits are supposed to be cute and darling little creatures. When it comes to making a cute rabbit costume, it isn’t the hardest thing in the world. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that someone screwed up so badly. Look at this terrifying bunny. Even the baby in its arms can tell that something went horribly wrong here. Look at that face. Furthermore, why is the bunny holding a fish to the baby. Fish aren’t exactly the most baby-friendly creatures.


Santa is supposed to be fat, jolly, loving and human. I don’t know how they forgot about the human aspect of Santa. Instead these kids were treated to some soulless santa. Look at those eyes. It appears as if there is nothing behind them. Given the situation, I cannot blame the children for crying. If I were a child I’d be crying as well. I’d be thinking this was some kind of alien abduction rather than a visit to Santa.


Sure, for anyone who loves Hello Kitty this would be the Hello Kitty out of their nightmares, yet I actually like this costume. This guy sports the Hello Kitty suit better than anyone I’ve seen. Imagine being behind this person in line only to have them turn around and look at you with that expressionless face. I can imagine a parade of dry humor would follow.


This is probably the best Optimus Prime costume we’ve ever seen. We love how detailed it is. Not! In fact this is probably the worst Halloween costume we’ve ever seen. There isn’t even a slight resemblance to Optimus Prime. The guy could have written any name on the paper bag he was wearing and it would have been no different. This is by far the worst costume to make this list. Just lazy.