Trick the Treats: Hilarious Halloween Fails That Won Over Our Hearts

Halloween isn’t just a time for munching on free candy and searching for a scare. As spooky as the season can be, one of the big allures that comes with the holiday is having an original, spooky and sometimes even sexy costume. In search of ooohs and ahhhhs, people will will look high and low for the perfect costume and sometimes even take to the needle and thread to concoct their own creation. Sometimes they score big with something that is truly amazing, other times their efforts only lead to a nightmare and not the kind that’s meant for Halloween. Here’s a look at some of the biggest costume fails.

One of the most popular symbols in pop culture is no doubt Pikachu. He came about in the 1990’s and took the world by storm. We can imagine if this little pokemon actually existed he’d be in fury over how much his image has been abused, especially when it comes to costumes. You have people ranged between the ages of 5 to 35 wearing Pikachu costumes and they’re rarely good. The older the individual the even more shameful the costume becomes.