Hilarious Signs That No One Can Take Seriously

Are you one of those who just takes street signs for granted, or are you one of the clever kind were always ready to notice the unique combination of words and symbols? Some signs may intentionally be designed to draw laugh, and some may come up with the most droll messages unintentionally. Regardless, there is something really satisfying about finding signs that are humorous whether intended or not. Here are several that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Heads up!

When most of us were growing up we were told through the following jingle to be careful when crossing in traffic. The jingle went like this: “Look both ways before you cross the street, use your eyes use your ears before you use your feet.” The days when such a jingle could save your life seem to be far gone as the main distraction now has become that ever-present phone in your hands. Forget about checking for traffic. Now the most important thing is to pay attention to where you are walking and not concentrating on social messaging. Hence, this sign has become quite appropriate and probably lifesaving.