Keep Your Kids Safe on the Fourth of July

Fourth of July is one of the funnest holidays for children. It’s a day of fireworks, BBQ’s and family. It’s usually amongst their favorite days of the year and one that will supply them with a lot of good memories to take into adulthood. Sadly this isn’t always the cases and isn’t always a happy day of celebration. There have been a number of horror stories stemming from fireworks. Fireworks plus children can equal a day you’ll never forget and not in a good way. Here are tips on keeping your kids safe.


  • Sparklers are often given to children because they seem harmless. They are often regarded as safe fireworks when compared to the ones being blown up on the street. This isn’t exactly true. They are know to reach 1,000 degree and can easily catch a piece of clothing on fire. That said, a kid who doesn’t know any better can cause a lot of damage to himself and others with a sparkler. Make sure your kids are educated and prepared for them.
  • Establish a child-free zone. Kids are small and can easily wander about unnoticed. There are several areas where you don’t want to spot your child. Usually it’s by the grill or on the street in front of the house where fireworks are being lit. Make sure to drill this into your kid’s heads and keep an eye on them as well.
  • Keep it clean in terms of cooking. Don’t keep cold foods out too long as they will spoil. Don’t cook beef on the same platter as chicken. Of course you have to make sure everything is cooked well and isn’t red inside.
  • If you’re at an event like park and are attending a firework show, make sure you have meeting spot to go to incase your kid get separated from you.
  • Last but not least, you should definite educate your child on firework safety. Tell them what would go wrong and why they need to be careful.