These Smiling Preemie Babies Are Happy to Be Alive

Childbirth is one of life’s biggest gifts, but premature childbirth is more than just a blessing – it’s a miracle. Premature childbirth is rare, and it often comes with complications but in some cases, these tiny souls that are welcomed into the world before their time, beat all odds and become stronger in the wings of their loving parents. These are some of the bravest premature babies who were born weak and had little chance of surviving, but they turned out to be fighters. Their journey into our world wasn’t easy but they fought the battle and came out victorious – and they did it with a huge smile on their faces. It is often said that a baby’s smile is an indication of their bodies passing gas but looking at some of the cutest preemies on this list, we can’t help but think that these babies are just as happy to be alive as their parents. These adorable photos of preemies showing their first smile of optimism will surely make your day a whole lot better!

She Had Only 1% Chance of Survival, but She Turned out to be a Fighter

Life kicked off on a bad note for baby Jonathon who needed a ventilator for 2 weeks after his premature birth in order to stay alive. But this preemie baby was full of optimism just like his parents who knew that the bad days will soon be behind them. Only 25-weeks-old and the size of a hockey puck at the time of birth, Jonathon had been given only 1% chance of survival by the doctors but after battling for life for 5 months in NICU, this little fella came out victorious.