This Back-To-School Letter of a Dad to His Kids Will Make You Cry

While it’s rare for dads to show their emotional side to their family, Mario, a father of 2 boys and 1 girl gave in to his feelings and penned an inspiring letter for his kids as they go back to school.

To my beloved kids:

Every beginning is exciting and I can see that in your eyes as you beam with thrill and joy now that you’re about to go back to school.  I couldn’t be more emotional and happy that my lovely little ones will embark on their new journey.

I’m sure you can’t wait to see your new classroom, new classmates, and new teachers.  More so, you are overexcited to build new friendships and savor new entertainment but wait, Daddy has something special to tell you.  Pls. follow this heartfelt advice and know that you will be A-okay in your big world in school.

First, always choose kindness.  Inevitably, there will be moments when your classmate will pick up a fight and provoke your anger.  Don’t give in and retaliate because you both don’t deserve conflict. No matter how tough the situation is please be kind, always.

Next, be honest.  I know you better than anyone else and I assure you that your big hearts will lead you to integrity.  Never cheat on assignments when you missed to work it out at home because you were too tired to answer them.  Remember that Mom and Dad are always here for you. We’re on this journey together.

Finally, be the children filled with gratitude.  How about flashing your big smile paired with kind words “thank you” to the police officer who helped you cross the street or to your teacher who tied your shoelace?  My dear Andres, Sebastian and Kalina, nothing beats sharing positivity and love to people around you.

Kindness, honesty, and gratitude- these are the values that I wish and pray to reside in your heart of hearts always.  I am confident that you will imbibe them in and out of school and as early as now I salute y’all for taking Daddy’s advice with a great heart.