How Your Child Can Overcome Bullying


Is your child getting Bullied? If so, it shouldn’t surprise you that much. Bullying is a widespread plague that is alive and growing within most American school districts. News of teen and child suicides due to bullying has hit the media harder than ever in recent years and it is finally being  addressed as a real problem. The big question for most parents now is “what can we do?” Read below and find out the proper measures that can be taken.

Self Defense
The best route to go down when it comes to bullying is self defense. If your child can manage put his bully in his shoes and knock his to the ground, the bully will likely never mess with him again. Defending himself won’t only rid your child of his bully, but it’ll boost his confidence and teach him a precious life lesson. You can train him at home or give him karate or boxing lessons.

If a fight does ensue, your child can get in trouble for it, but assure him it’s okay. Self defense shouldn’t be something you can get punished for. Let him know that he did the right thing. Once you explain your child’s side of the story to them, they should get the message lift his suspension.

Iffy Alternatives
Most will give advice like talk to the Bully’s parents, go to the principle or tell your child to ignore it. Kids are cruel. Following these paths will likely result in your child getting bullied even further. At the same time they might work, but the likely won’t.

Remember that as a parent you’re supposed to look after your kid’s best interest. Don’t deliver him into the hands of harm, teach him to fight back and defend himself. Raise a strong child, not someone who will let others walk all over them.