Why Group Therapy is The Answer For Your Troubled Teen


As a child I suffered from severe anxiety that resulted in me having to go to therapy. The one on one stuff didn’t work much. I would often sway the conversation from myself and talk about side issues that didn’t matter. I wouldn’t for a second let my parents in on the details of my personal life, so why on earth would I talk to some stranger about them. I quickly became very apparent that this system wasn’t working for me. That said, group therapy was my next option.

I was placed in room with about five other teens and everyone would take turns talking about their problems and then we’d give our teenage opinions. It was super fun and it really made my tuesday evenings eventful. In the end this showed the most results and as my anxiety melted away, I was swiftly removed from the group and never saw any of them again.

Why it worked so well for sixteen year old self is no mystery as group therapy will likely work better for most teens. Harbored inside every teenager is a natural distrust and fear of adults. Given this fact, it will be so much harder for them to open up to one lone adults. The session will likely be filled with agreements and grunts and the therapist won’t get so much as a few words out of the kid.

If you put your kid in a environment that is full of other teens, they are bound to open up. Why?? Because in the presence of other teens opening up about their darkest secrets, they’ll feel much more comfortable in opening up about theirs. They’ll come to the conclusion that they aren’t alone in their struggles.

So if your teen is troubled, I suggest you aim for group therapy. Studies show that this would be the best bet for them. Studies show this, so it has to be real.

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