How To Help Your Child Quit Smoking



At one point or another, every teen has a bout with cigarettes and why wouldn’t they? Smoking looks cool and likely makes them feel super adult. Sometimes it’s a phase that ends before they graduate and other times it turns into a lifelong habit. You can try to warn them with talk about premature death, cancer tales and heart disease, but in all honestly most teens feel invincible and these warnings will usually go in one ear and out the other. All isn’t hopeless though. There are are other ways you can get your kid to quit smoking.

Be The Change You Want to See
Set a good example for your child. If you smoke, don’t do it in front of them. Don’t light up in the car or in the kitchen. My mom would always warn me about how bad smoking was and often she’d do so while lighting a cigarette. Seeing that really didn’t convince me to stop smoking. Instead of cancer tales, try telling them why you wish you never started smoking. Give them examples of how cigarettes are holding you back.

Talk to Your Teen
Punishment, discipline and giving ultimatums aren’t likely to work in this situation. Instead stay calm and have a heart to heart with your teen. Ask him/her why she started smoking. If you can get to the bottom of the issue, it’ll usually be easier to change their minds about smoking. Remember, understanding is everything.

Know Your Teen
Most teens aren’t worried about strokes or lung cancer. It just isn’t on their mind. You have to hit them where it hurts and appeal to their vanity. Let them know about the less drastic woes of smoking. Tell them about the smell that will constantly hang around them, how it will stick to their clothes, turn their teeth and fingernails yellow, cause wrinkles and shortness of breath. Hearing of these matters will be far more worrisome then some distant threat of lung cancer.