Helping Your Teen Cope With Acne

Acne is a teenager’s worst nightmare. I remember just having multiple pimples on my face would drive me nuts. It would literally effect how I felt for the day. Some people had it much worse. They had faces covered in acne. Thinking back on the horrors of acne and recalling how we felt, we are now faced with the task of help our child with acne self-esteem shattering blow.

Let Them Know It Will Pass
Firstly, let your child know that it’s just a phase that will pass with time. Also make it clear that acne is something most teens go through and that it has nothing to do with hygiene or what you’re eating. Give them an understanding of acne. Acne in teens is triggered completely by hormonal changes. Also by the oils and bacteria that hits the body during puberty.

Help Them Take Action
It’ll help your child sleep better at night and just live a normal life if they are aware of the steps they can take to get rid of acne. Take your child to his or her pediatrician and let them discuss with their doctor a regimen that can work for them.You can also take your child to the local pharmacy and choose to skin care products designed to help fight acne. It’s also very important that you warn your child against picking or scratching the acne. Doing so can result in lifelong scars.

Let Your Child Know That You Understand
Let them know that they aren’t alone and that you and millions of other teens went through the same thing. Tell them stories that you had with pimple and let them know how pimple made you feel insecure and held you back. Furthermore, remind them that other people don’t really pay attention of blemishes on another person’s face. They are the ones that notice the most.teen-acne