Is Your Teenager Out of Control


Teenagers are extreme. The average teen may seem out of control but truthfully there is a huge difference between an out of control teen and a regular teenager. If you’re wondering about your teen, this article should clear out any mystery.

Average Teen Behavior

  • Rebellious Acts – Any normal teen is going to go through a rebellious stage where he/she stays out all night with friends and gets into mild trouble.
  • Mood Swings
  • Spending More Time With Friends – When you’re a teen your friends become like your family. All the secrets, all the emotional distress will be go around you and to their friends.
  • Outburst – The average teen can’t comprehend why they feel what their feeling and this leads to outburst.
  • Keeping Secrets – You won’t know much about your teen.

Out of Control Teen

  • Failing Out of School – If your kid is flunking and pays no mind to grades.
  • Being Violent – If your child is having fights in school, at home and is generally being super aggressive, this is a sign he/she is out of control.
  • Breaking The Law – Immediate action should be taken if your child is breaking the law.
  • Substance Abuse – If your child is coming home intoxicated, this is a sure sign he/she is out of control.
  • Self Harm – A teen that cuts has some major things going on.

Signs Your Child is Out of Control

  • Major signs that your child is out of control include a drastic change in appearance, sleep pattern or appetite. If your child seems to be depressed or emotionally unhealthy he/she may be out of it. Watch out for things like who their friends are. These new friends can be having a negative impact. If your child has isolated himself/herself from the family completely or if they’re constantly breaking the law. Those are definite red flags.