How to Know If Your Kid is Gang Related


Street gangs are something that have always been part of American culture. That said, they are definitely something to watch out for, as they’ll usually prey on impressionable youths. They aren’t limited to big cities like they may have been in the past either, gangs are even in place like Alaska and other more rural areas. Here are some signs your child might be involved in a gang and here are some actions you can take if they are.

  • Ditching School – Cutting school or not attending classes at all is a big sign that they have a huge extended existence beyond home and the books. If you must, you might want to follow them after school and see what’s going on. This can lead you to a lot of your answers.
  • Drug Use – Drugs are a big part of gang life. Usually selling drugs is more their thing, but you best believe they also take. If your kid is doing drugs, he is likely getting them from someone in a gang.
  • New Friends – If your child has suddenly dropped his old, usual bunch of friends for a more edgier group, it’s lightly he might be in a gang. These would no doubt be the guys that are influencing him to ditch school and do other horrible things.
  • Having Large Sums of Money – If your child suddenly has large sums of money and other expensive items that you had no idea about, he possibly couldn’t be getting them from anywhere good. You might want to have a talk with him about the items.
  • Breaking Curfew – If your child is spending all his time out or not coming home at night, he’s likely up to something bad.

Take action. Have a talk with your child. Educate him about the gang lifestyle and what it could lead to.If this doesn’t work, get the community involved. Take him to the police station and try to scare him straight.