Signs Your Child is Being Bullied


Seems over the past few years bullying has gotten way out of hand. Every year we hear of another child taking their life after being bullied in school or online. In a lot of cases the child’s parents didn’t even know their kid was going through such a hardship. If your kid is being bullied make sure they aren’t going at it alone. Here are some signs that might be the results of your child getting bullied in school.

Injuries That Can’t Be Explained
If you see your child with bruises or scratches on his/her body, you can’t just assume that they’re out there being kids and it’s nothing to worry about. You need to get to the bottom of the issue and find out what’s going on. Your child won’t want to tell you he/she’s being bullied so you’ll have to use kindness to get it out of them.

Lost or Destroyed Possessions
If your kid is showing up with torn clothes, missing textbooks or a lost possessions, it’s your duty to get to the bottom of it. Kids treasure their belongings and would be breaking them all by themselves. It just wouldn’t make sense. Chances are that some kid at school is taking his things or break them and roughing him up in the process.

Trying to Get Out of School
If your kid wasn’t having a miserable time he wouldn’t be trying to get out of going to school. There’s probably something going on in the inside that is driving him to want to stay inside.

Withdrawn Behavior
If your child is being abused in school, it will surely affect the way he behaves in the home. If his attitude suddenly shifts and he seems different then who he really is, something is probably going on that he isn’t tell you.

What Can You Do To Help?
Whatever you do, do not go to the school faculty with this. In the long run things will only get worse for your child. Instead opt for teaching your child how to defend himself. Take him to boxing courses or karate. Tell him that if he gets in trouble for defending himself that it’ll be okay. Teach him how to be strong and independent.