Tired of Embarrassing Your Teen?

The last thing any teenager wants is to be seen with their parents. You simply being present is enough to make them want to shatter into a million pieces and dust themselves under a rug. You won’t stop being an embarrassment to them for at least six years or so, until then there are a few things you can do to make yourself less embarrassing for your teen. Here we go.

  • Music – It’s important to embrace your teens music choices. Even sing along with her, but only if it is just the two of you in the car. Never ever sing along if her friends are in the car as well. That will embarrass her.
  • Talking to Friends – Keep all conversation with your child’s friends short. Greet them and ask them how school is. Do not engage them in any long conversations and do pry. Never ever ask your daughter or her friends about their love interest. That has to be kept in private.
  • Affection – Despite how much you may want to hug your kid in front of her friends, don’t do it. Don’t shout that you love them, don’t kiss them on the cheek and look at them deeply with those loving parent eyes. Tell her that you love her rather quietly or tell her to take care.
  • Volunteering – If you’re the type of parent that likes to get involved with the community and volunteer at your kids schools, don’t speak to them. For the love of God, do not speak to your child unless you are spoken to. Don’t shout at them from across the room and don’t attract attention to yourself.

Follow these simple instructions and you can assure that your child will never be embarrassed by your existence. Space is very important to teens and although they aren’t adults, they need to at least feel like they are. Think  back to when you were in high school and remember how you were treated.


Mother daughter outdoors