Having a Family Friendly New Years Eve

New Years Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the year. It’s a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and partying, partying, partying. Having kids pretty much means that the party is over. You can forget about hitting the bars downtown, counting down in a mass group and stumbling into your apartment at 4AM. It just isn’t a reality anymore. You have to get creative when bringing in the New Year.

Before I ever turned sixteen and made real friends, my New Years Eves were amazing. I remember those nights being at home with my parents, eating tons of pizza, playing Super Nintendo and than watching the ball drop at midnight. All the New Years Eves out on the town, the countdowns with friends and partying go by life a blur. I couldn’t tell you what was happening on New Years Eve 2013.

New Years Eve can be a great time spent with family. There are a number of good family events scattered throughout the city. You can always check out the local fireworks show. They are usually hosted in the parks around your city. There are also a ton of festivals and carnivals that are for the whole family. That said, sometimes a quiet night inside are the best bets when it comes to celebrating the coming year.

Coming from a big family, it wasn’t rare for them to throw a big party on New Years Eve and New Years Day. My family was really big on family gathers and those will always be fun to sit through with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It’s also a safe environment for the children and you don’t have to worry about strangers causing any danger.

Despite all this, as I said before, for me the best New Years Eve were the ones that were the most simple. There was no pressure to party and find something cool to do with someone. It was just me in my comfort zone.