Food Network Stars – They Shined Then, Are Their Stars Still Shining Now?

Ever wondered where your favorite Food Network Stars are now? Some of the crazy cooks and chefs from seasons past are still cooking, a few may still be crazy. There may be those who are no longer in the limelight. The Food Network surely knew where to find them, and they certainly knew how to give birth to their careers. See if your favorite Food Network Star is in this list. If not, they may have been booted out of the culinary world, or maybe this list is just too short. Either way, it is best to read on and discover if your bets are still at their best – professionally and personally.

Nigella Lawson

The gorgeous Nigella Lawson became popular thanks to her 2000 show, Nigella Bites. First seen in the UK, the show saw Lawson cook her way to viewers hearts and palate.She was seen on the Food Network’s Nigella feasts back in 2006. Currently, Lawson is more famous for her looks than for her signature dishes. She is set to come back to the culinary universe not as a concocter of delicacies but as a judge. Expect her to dish out some harsh commentaries in Master Chef Australia. Besides cooking, Lawson has been criticized for her public advocacy towards fur. She also, reportedly, has a drug problem. Her addiction issues reached the point where she is said to blackmail her assistants. However, Lawson denies she is addicted to drugs. She also proudly says she is currently drug-free.